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Ant Control

Ant Control is a service we offer to help get rid of ants on your property. We will come out and then treat the area with an insecticide to help prevent future ant hills from forming.
Are you looking for an ant control service? Ants are one of the most common pests we encounter in our homes and lawns. While ants may seem harmless, they can be a real nuisance and cause significant damage to structures and landscaping. That’s why it’s important to take action quickly when you notice an ant infestation. RightLane Turf Management LLC, a landscaping company, provides top-notch ant control services that will help you get rid of ants in your home or yard without any hassle.

The first step in getting rid of an infestation is to identify the type of ant problem you have. RightLane Turf Management LLC professionals are experts at identifying different species of ants so we can provide the right solutions for your specific situation. Once we know what kind of ants are present, we will use specialized techniques to eradicate them from your property completely. This includes using bait stations and other methods that target the particular species causing problems on your property.

RightLane Turf Management LLC also offers preventive measures as part of their ant control services so that future infestations don't occur on your property again. This includes sealing cracks and crevices around doors or windows where ants may enter through as well as treating outdoor areas with insecticides or other products designed to keep them away from your lawn or garden area permanently.

Because RightLane Turf Management LLC specializes in landscape management, their team has extensive knowledge about how best to treat lawns and gardens affected by pests such as ants without harming beneficial insects like bees or butterflies while still providing effective results against unwanted insect pests like aphids, caterpillars, scale insects and more! Their team also knows how different types of vegetation respond differently when exposed to certain treatments which allows them to provide tailored solutions for each job depending on what kind of plants need protection from pest damage!

Booking an appointment with RightLane Turf Management LLC is simple – just call their office today! Their friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about their services before scheduling a time for technicians to come out and assess your property directly! Plus, all treatments come with a satisfaction guarantee so if there’s ever a problem after treatment has been completed then Right Lane will work hard until it’s resolved completely free of charge!

So if you want reliable ant control service done right then contact Right Lane turf management today – don’t wait until those pesky critters start taking over again!

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    We have been using Rightlane at our business for multiple years now. Great customer service and Lane does great work! Definitely would recommend to anyone around the Wilson area.

    Ryan Bird Home Owner
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    Right lane is the Right choice for all your lawn maintenance and weed control solutions

    Brandon Perry Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    Lane is a hard worker. He is fast but very thorough and does an exceptional job making the lawn look top notch!!!!! I highly recommend RightLane Turf Management LLC!!!

    Lauren Davis Home Owner

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